Consulting Activities


New Technology Introductions

bulletChampioned the Digital Cable program inside GI and succeeded in bringing this technology to the cable industry.
bulletConceived of 64QAM modulation for cable and championed its development. This doubled the cable channel data rate from 13.5 to 27Mbps over early plans for 16QAM.
bulletCreated a leading proposal to the ATSC based on the impressive NxtWave technology to enhance the US Digital TV broadcasting standard, “8-VSB”.
bulletConceived of the IRT approach for cable delivery of digital TV signals from satellite.
bulletInvented the ‘re-encryption’ system that provides digital cable TV to millions of subscribers.
bulletInvented the ‘report-back’ card concept to meet a customer’s unique need to collect pay-per-view data from homes without telephones in India.
bulletInvented the means to share a channel between a music channels and Internet services like WorldGate.
bulletDesigned systems for TV and music delivery via cable, DBS, MMDS, ADSL, and local loops.
bulletAwarded 11 digital video patents on compression, delivery, and encoding, including the original patent on ‘requantization’ used in all MPEG remultiplexers and inserters.  Five additional patents pending.

Standards Won

bulletWrote the specifications and led the fight to make 64QAM technology the standard for both digital video and DOCSIS transmission. Achieved ratification by ITU, IEEE, and SCTE.
bulletNegotiated, lobbied, and won agreement on MPEG-2 video and system layers and Dolby’s AC-3 audio for digital TV on cable and helped carry those choices forward to broadcast DTV.
bulletChaired technical committees and successfully moved large contentious groups to write effective and useful specifications.
bulletElected to the Management and Strategic Planning Committees of DAVIC while representing GI’s often-opposing views.

Business Relationships Established and Leveraged to Achieve Goals

bulletWorked with Rich Prodan at CableLabs to get a video encoder tested and announced as their first MPEG-2 compliant product. Wrote the press release.
bulletPrimary technology transfer agent between GI divisions. Worked with satellite system group to adapt concepts and solutions to meet the needs of the cable business.
bulletBuilt relationships to dramatically improve company’s standards representation and success.
bulletBringing technology from GI and Microsoft we delivered the world’s first satellite broadcast of music in IP to cable modems. Bypassing the unpredictable delays of Internet backbone routers allows streamed music without the typical buffer refill interruptions and full CD quality rates economically. When combined with IP multicast it will leverage the cable modem’s shared bandwidth and create a unique cable advantage.