Consulting Activities

Consulting Activities

OpenCable™ Project Participation

bulletEvaluated the entire OpenCable system end-to-end. Identified gaps and recommended solutions.
bulletIdentified, proposed and helped implement strategies to align the business interests of key vendors with project goals.
bulletDrive overall system architecture and specifications.
bulletWork with key vendors to review, analyze, and propose responses to schedule issues for retail availability deliverables.
bulletContribute to strategy and lead technical specification of copy protection for the OpenCable system.

Enhancement of the 8-VSB Television Broadcast Standard.

bulletWorked with NxtWave engineers and management to craft an effective proposal from their industry leading technology for enhancing the “8-VSB” Digital TV broadcast standard.
bulletAs co-author and principal editor Jeff led the drafting effort while contributing to the proposal’s structure, text and graphics. 
bulletProposal received an enthusiastic response and was the most complete and detailed submission to the ATSC T3/S9 committee (charged with rewriting the DTV standard).
bulletWorked with NxtWave and Zenith on the successful merging of their two proposals. 
bulletEnhanced system prototypes for the merged system were successfully tested leading to addition of the enhanced-VSB technology to the television transmission standard.

Standards Participation and Representation.

bulletCPTWG, Copy Protection Technical Working Group, representation and reporting.
bulletSCTE Digital Video Subcommittee. Active participant and contributor.
bulletSCTE Digital Program Insertion. Contributed to developing this technology which allows flexible and seamless ad insertion into digital video streams.
bulletATSC, Advanced Television Systems Committee, representation and advocacy.

Intellectual Property Creation and Defense

bulletExpert Witness work including a major patent suit between Intel and Broadcom. 
bulletTestimony covers the development of the digital TV compression business.
bulletPrincipal expert on technical details of video compression methods relating to MPEG, DVI, and their extensive prior art.
bulletInvention of new art in digital video origination and manipulation. Patents applied for.
bulletExplain technology in understandable terms to attorneys and legal staff.