Consulting Activities


Since earning his MSEE degree from Yale University, Jeff has helped turn several new technologies into real business revenue. His roles prior to consulting include:

Vice President, Engineering and Operations, for cable programmer Music Choice, where he was responsible for all broadcast operations including the world’s first satellite broadcast of music in IP to cable modems. This service bypasses Internet backbone delays enabling full CD quality streamed music. He worked directly with partners like GI, SA, Prevue, StarSight, Direct TV, WorldGate, and Bell Atlantic, on joint projects.


Director, Technology and New Business Development, for General Instrument, where his primary contributions were:

1) Started the digital cable program

bulletEnvisioned the potential of digital video for cable, evangelized the concept, and won project approval. Wrote the original business plans. Defined initial products and features. Wrote the system specifications. Led development from start through TCI’s million set-top order, the largest order in cable history.

2) Turned around GI’s relationship with standards groups from antagonist to strong supporter of many open standards

bulletSaw the future need for MPEG-2 compliance in 1990 when GI was firmly committed to the proprietary DigiCipher I technology. Led the fight to make MPEG-2 and AC-3 the GI, CableLabs, SCTE and MSO standard. Active protagonist at MPEG, ATSC, DAVIC, SCTE, IEEE, and the ITU. Led relationship with CableLabs on compression and modulation.

3) Evaluated and evangelized new technologies and new businesses

bulletPresented technology and perspectives to customers and groups worldwide, including, CableLabs’ Keystone Conference, IEEE 802.14, International Engineering Consortium, EIA, CEMA, on panels, and to TCI, TWC, StarTV, C-Cube, Sony, etc. Authored papers including two NCTA papers and the "Cable" chapter of the CRC - IEEE Press book The Communications Handbook.


Independent Design Consultant for clients A.C. Nielsen, Pirelli, the National Captioning Institute, Orchard Communications, RCA, etc.

bulletProjects ranged from a fiber super-trunk system to a software system to acquire and report smokestack emissions data to the EPA and helping position a successful start-up company for sale by its founders.


Concept Engineer and Member of Technical Staff for ITT Semiconductors and Times Fiber Communications where he:

bulletDesigned VLSI systems for VideoCipher’s VC-III (sic), BMAC for Scientific Atlanta, and StarLok-IV line rotation for GI. Led an international engineering team that delivered working 1st silicon of a full custom digital video chipset in 18 weeks. Invented optical tools for fiber manufacturing and built a new fiber draw tower. Kept competitors from writing the EIA P6 fiber standards to disadvantage TFC’s unique fiber properties.